Logan and Brittney make the entire photo experience terrific! They are so patient and professional. From little ones to big family shoots (30 people including MANY little ones) they take the time and make sure to get the perfect shot! We've had several photo shoots with them, and have gotten some of the most treasured memories! Can't wait for the next one...and the next...and the next!!

We had the BEST experience today! Not only were they sweet, patient, and easy to work with....they even helped me load my car up and didn't just take off when the pictures were over! On top of our great experience Logan captured amazing and beautiful photos of our daughter! Thank you!!!!!

Logan Rose is an amazing photographer, forever capturing the heart of each precious moment as it unfolds. I would recommend Logan Rose Photography to any and everyone looking for a fantastic guy with wonderful photography skills!

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Oh my goodness! I absolutely love the pictures I have already seen. I can not wait to see the rest. What a wonderful blessing! It was so great meeting you and working with you!

I don't know how you did it, but you rocked it! You were phenomenal! Thank you so much for your hard work and time. This was the most organized photo session I have ever been to, especially with the amount of people that we brought to you tonight, and our group is not easy. Thank you so very much! We couldn't have asked for anything better!

Logan Rose Photography takes amazing pictures! If you live in Jax check them out.

Logan Rose Photography was wonderful! Our pictures are amazing. We would definitely work with them again!