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Behind the Camera

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by, we're so glad you're here! At Logan Rose Photography, we love capturing ALL the special moments that mean the most to you! Logan is the magic behind the camera and I assist with all of the behind the scenes stuff (editing, scheduling, social media) You can also find me assisting and snuggling newborns during our newborn sessions, (give me all the babies). We are fortunate to do what we love, and we truly LOVE what we do.  We have two amazing kids that are growing like crazy and we try our best to hold onto every single moment we can with them. That's one of the reasons we love photography; that one special photo captures that memory instantly, and it becomes a lifetime keepsake. Photography is more than just snapping that perfect shot. To us, it's about taking in the moment and expression and being able to relive it every time you look at that photo.  We won't lie, it brings us so much joy seeing your walls covered in priceless memories, so we happily offer fine art prints and heirloom albums.

When we aren't behind the camera capturing special memories we are out and about creating our own memories with family and friends. Our kids are our biggest fans and our why for everything!!!! We love to travel and seek adventure! Being on the water is our absolute favorite place to be. We enjoy the little moments in life.........dancing in the kitchen, licking the spoon from the cookie batter, and soaking in all the beautiful sunsets!

What to expect

FUN!!! You can expect to have fun! We know that photos can be a stressful process, especially the prep (or maybe the toddler tantrums) We have kids, we get it, trust me!!!!  BUT, please know these moments are fleeting faster than we'd all like to admit. It is our goal to help you embrace the moments!!!  Prior to your session, we will discuss location, attire, (we are always happy to assist with coordinating those outfits) and your desired vision. As your photographer, we aim (no pun intended!) to ensure that the photos really depict the moment, and that your personality comes alive in the shots. We are a fan of using fun props occasionally but also love beautiful natural settings.   We take pride in our work; investing time and creativity into each shoot. We value your time and trust in Logan Rose Photography!

We can't wait to meet you!!!

Logan & Brittney