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Behind the Camera

For as long as I can remember, I've always been that guy who had a camera with him every day, no matter what...And why not? It made it effortless to capture and document those fun, silly moments in life that create the best memories. It's no surprise then that what started out as a hobby in my early teens, has manifested into my passion. In fact, I feel incomplete without my camera! I am fortunate to do what I love, and I truly love what I do. I'm a big family man, too. I have a wonderful wife, two amazing kids and I'd give anything to hold on to every precious memory we make together! That's one of the reasons I love photography; that one special photo captures that memory instantly, and it becomes a lifetime keepsake. Photography is more than just snapping that perfect shot. To me, it's about taking in the moment and expression and being able to relive it every time you look at that photo.

What to expect

As your photographer, I aim (no pun intended!) to ensure that the photos really depict the moment, and that your personality comes alive in the shots. I'm a fan of using fun props but also love natural settings. Prior to your session, we will discuss location, attire, and your desired photography style. You can expect a "sneak peek" from your session on our Facebook page within one week of your session date.  Within 14 days, all the photos will then be hosted in a private gallery on my website for 30 days. This will allow your friends and family to view or purchase prints from your shoot.  I take pride in my work and invest time and creativity into each shoot.

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